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Adeel Halim

A boy jumps from a tyre as he exercises at a beach in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

A child is bathed in a well, filled with hot spring water along with adults in the southern Bhutanese town of Gelephu.

Children travel on a donkey while migrating.

Men wash clothes in a open laundry in Mumbai, India.

A boy steels sugarcane from a moving truck.

Mount Everest

Colored powder splashes from a reveler's head as a woman beats him with a stick during the celebrations of Lathmar Holi in the northern Indian city of Mathura.

African lions play in a zoo.

A boy cries while bathing in a bucket of water

A widow walk in the Indian city of Vrindavan, also known as the city of widows.

Victims of Mumbai train blasts

Portrait of the year 2005 Kashmir earthquake survivor.

Indian people fly kites on thier roof tops during the festival of 'Makara Sankranti' in Vadodra, Gujarat. India.

A student studies sitting atop a tree in rural India.

A man feeds hyenas as part of entertaining tourists in Harar.

A wrestlers reacts as he is thrown down by his competitor during a match.

A child labourer carries bricks on his head.

Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley rests during the shooting of a song.

Zarina, an Indian slum dweller, keeps an eye on an incoming train as she fills water for drinking from a puddle in between railway tracks.

A man feeds an elephant outside the circus tent

A child sleep in a hammock tied to cranes.

Portrait of orphan girls. Girls keep short hair to save water.